Whether a corporate or personal brand, let your personality shine

At a recent PROPEL session, Sean Wilkinson of Might & Main explored how to develop both a personal and corporate brand, as well as how to balance the two.

Sean defined a brand as “a tangible, understandable collection of personality traits.” It’s your job to promote your corporate and personal brands in ways that interest people, while always remaining relevant to your expertise. By repeatedly pushing relevant content, you will be on your way to being referred to as “the social media person” or “the photographer” in no time. Don’t be afraid to be repetitive.

One of the strongest takeaways from the session were the following tips for successfully sharing your brand with your audience: 

  1. Clarity: There’s not much worse than a confusing and muddled personality. Brainstorm your ten most unique and memorable attributes. Narrow them down to the ones that are most important to the personality you’d like to convey, and communicate them clearly across all channels.
  2. Consistency: Strive for a consistent sense of your personality; what you do and what those can expect from you. A strong brand starts with a consistent voice.
  3. Compelling content: It can be as simple as sharing what people care about, but remaining clear and consistent. What is your audience interested in? Give them what they want.

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— by Jillian Kanter, Broadreach Assistant Account Executive