Change Management

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Change comes in many forms, and rarely when it’s convenient.

Organizations that quickly embrace and communicate change can gain the competitive edge, but the cost of failure to your reputation is far greater.

What is Change Management Process?

Every day, organizations communicate change to employees, customers, and stakeholders at the last minute; by then, it’s usually too late. Poor planning coupled with poor execution can turn even positive news into chaos, as stakeholders and the media react to the news with questions you aren’t prepared to answer and likely never thought about.

That’s where we come in. Broadreach has successfully guided clients through dozens of organizational changes, including leadership successions (both sudden and planned), mergers & acquisitions, legislation, regulatory action, workforce layoffs, and many other situations. We work with your executive leadership and outside counsel to get up to speed quickly while maintaining absolute confidentiality and keep a focus on risk assessment and mitigation.

We quickly assess who needs to know, when, and how, help you plan for the obvious and not-so-obvious questions, and deploy an integrated communication strategy that informs and engages your stakeholders throughout the change process.

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