What is Public Relations?

What is public relations?

Public relations is a communication discipline that involves identifying the right audiences, crafting a clear message, protecting reputation, and building long-term, positive relationships between an organization and its stakeholders.

Who can benefit from public relations? Why do companies need it?

All organizations can benefit from public relations to create a positive reputation, build connections with their communities and reach their target markets. Each client’s needs are unique, and we work closely with organizations to identify them during our onboarding and discovery process. We’ve helped clients across a spectrum of industries on initiatives ranging from small project work to full-service corporate retainers.

Is public relations more than just press releases?

Yes! While press releases can be an important tactic used in a public relations campaign, simply sending them out in the absence of an overarching strategy will hinder your message from reaching the right media outlets, and subsequently, your target audiences. Implementing an effective communications strategy is a deliberate and comprehensive process that is essential to achieving measurable results for your organization.

What is the difference between public relations and marketing?

Public relations and marketing are both important aspects of a well-rounded communications strategy. While marketing involves the paid promotion and selling of products and services, public relations focuses on reputation management through positive earned media coverage in traditional and digital news outlets.

How do media outlets determine what they cover or print?

Not every story is newsworthy. Media outlets determine their coverage based on several factors, including timeliness, proximity, and relevance to their topic area and audience demographic. At Broadreach, we understand our clients and their objectives, taking time to discover the most compelling stories within each organization and pitching them to the right outlets.

How do I know if PR efforts are working, and how do you measure results?

Building a positive reputation doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time to cultivate and strengthen. And because success looks different for each client, we tailor our results measurement accordingly. We provide retainer clients with analytics reports on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis – depending on their preference – and quantify measurables like total mentions, potential reach, publicity value, share of sentiment, coverage by media type, and coverage by geography, among others. We also use Google Analytics to measure the connection between earned media results and web traffic and Moz for hashtag monitoring and analysis.

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