Crisis Communication

We offer 24/7 Crisis Communication Services

The question isn’t if a crisis will happen, but if you have a plan for when it does.

In a PR crisis?

Anytime your reputation is threatened, it is a crisis, and Broadreach Public Relations has the expertise to help you plan for and confidently navigate crisis situations. It starts with our proprietary approach to crisis communications planning and response: the B.R.A.C.E.© method. This method is employed by our team of experienced crisis communications consultants – a former bank security officer, a political consultant, and a research guru – who have seen it all in their 40 years of combined experience.

To learn why other agencies come to us when their clients are in crisis, call 207-650-9180 or contact us online.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Broadreach PR helped us develop Maine beer into a global brand. They have guided our efforts to get us onto TV, the radio, and in print and online media in countries around the world - and in our own backyard. They are true partners who have helped us through crisis communication and government affairs as well.

Sean Sullivan, Maine Brewers' Guild

For over seven years, Broadreach has been a strategic partner of Spinnaker Trust, providing us with valuable advice and guidance. They have stayed in front of issues and worked with us through thick and thin to distinguish our brand, showcase our people, and promote our values in the community.

Sara Lewis, Spinnaker Trust

Broadreach PR firm was very receptive and fully-engaged with the entire process of putting together a Navy Week. Media events were stellar, due to the networking capabilities of Broadreach.

NAVCO Lead Planner, Portland Navy Week

“Best staff, great results!”

Eileen Miazga, Maine Department of Labor

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