How to Become a Social Superhero

At one point or another, every kid wants to be a superhero when they grow up. Now is your chance to achieve that dream… by becoming a social superhero, that is! From launch, to entertaining and engaging your audience, to ultimately measuring your efforts, there are a lot of moving pieces to a successful social media campaign. HubSpotBrandwatchLink Humans and BuzzSumo recently teamed up on a webinar to help professionals maximize their potential; here are some takeaways on how to effectively and successfully tackle the realm of social media: 

  • Tweets from businesses that contain images are 34% more likely to be retweeted than posts without an image. Be sure the image relates to your campaign to avoid confusing the message for your audience.
  • Just one influencer sharing your content can result in 30% more shares. But not all influencers are equal. Get to know the ones you wish to target – do they actively engage with others and share content? If they have less than 4% engagement, they are likely to be “broadcasters” who only produce content and are not effective targets.
  • Influencer outreach is about building relationships. Be sure to engage with them and they will be more likely to share your content.
  • When it comes to measuring, track your outputs (what you created), outtakes (how people reacted, i.e. sentiment and shares) and outcomes (how people behave differently as a result). Track conversations in relation to the brand, not just the campaign itself.

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 — by Jillian Kanter, Broadreach Assistant Account Executive and Communications Chair of MPRC