What is your message?

Someone just brought to my attention the confusion on  awareness ribbons.  She felt bad that she did not know there were ribbons, other than pink, that she should be wearing in honor of various family members who have been afflicted by different things.

After looking into these so called awareness ribbons, it made me wonder what others would think when they saw a purple, blue or teal ribbon.  Are they effective at explaining what you are supporting?  Do they have any meaning?  Do they open up a conversation on what you are supporting?

I want to hear your thoughts.  When you think you know what color ribbon represents a cause, take a look at this color chart and see if you are right.  Next do some research on other color charts and you will see that some disagree on what color represents a cause.

Now,  let’s hear your opinion.  Voice your opinion on our Facebook question.

~Joanne Jordan
Broadreach Public Relations