Taylor’s Takeaways: A Broadreach Apprentice Sails On

Through my six months as the Broadreach Public Relations Apprentice, I have emerged with much more than just a general understanding of the public relations industry. My time at Broadreach has been invaluable in my professional growth, and has exposed me to media relations, event coordination, crisis communication, and even galas and toboggans. My apprenticeship has left me with a dynamic understanding of the public relations industry. Here are three major takeaways: 

  1. Persistence must be strategic. Follow-up is crucial for success in public relations, but having a concrete plan will yield better results than going in blind. Meetings and calls many times go in a completely different direction than intended, so being prepared needs to be a part of your strategy.
  2. Building relationships is a priority. When working with potential clients, vendors or the media, having an underlying relationship will ensure trust and reliability. If you do not know the person you are looking to work with, do your research to find some common ground.
  3. Take every opportunity. You never know who will be at an event or what prospects could be waiting for you.

 My experience at Broadreach has given me important tools to be successful in my career – you can’t control the weather, but with the right skills, there is nowhere you can’t go. I am honored to have been able to work so closely with everyone at Broadreach, and I will take these things I’ve learned with me through the rest of my professional career. For all of the clients I have been so lucky to work with, the projects I have been able to work on and the Broadreach team for helping me along the way, I am eternally grateful. 

— Taylor Emhart, Broadreach Apprentice, September 2014-March 2015