Spell Check and Other Aspects of My Internship Experience

As a communications major with a marketing focus at Thomas College, I was eager to learn more about public relations. The internship program at Broadreach Public Relations has been a rewarding experience that has nourished my hunger for hands-on knowledge. During the first months of my internship, I discovered that there is more to PR than what can be collected from a textbook—far more than I can include in one blog post!Before starting my internship, I assumed I’d be doing typical “intern” tasks: getting coffee, helping with minor projects—and being monitored every moment. How wrong I was! I have learned so much from the Broadreach team: how to write clearly and get to the point quickly in a press release, as well as how to reach out to the media and make them want your story.

A press release is a way of providing timely information to a media outlet that might be interested in covering your news. Press releases are a big part of public relations; imperative to the process of securing coverage for clients.

I remember my first attempt at a press release in college—and all the red ink, when it was returned by my professor. Imagine my trepidation when one of the first things I was asked to do for Broadreach was write press releases! With the team’s help and guidance (and after writing many of these once-feared documents) I am no longer an amateur. As I became comfortable writing them, I learned some tricks of the trade; proofing is key, read final drafts at least twice before sending, fewer words are more powerful than many, and spell check is a true best friend. I was responsible for creating media lists and distributing the press releases I wrote. I’m proud to have learned these and other marketable skills that just can’t be taught in the classroom.

When my mentor, Allyson Hessert, first began explaining to me everything that goes into PR, I was overwhelmed. I remember thinking to myself, “There’s too much, I won’t be able to learn all of this.” But I did learn, with the help of great instructors (their patience was extremely helpful). One of the best things about interning at Broadreach is that I’m not treated like a kid. I have the responsibilities of a trusted employee, one who makes her own decisions and completes projects for clients.

I am so fortunate that Broadreach offered me this opportunity. The real world business experience has built on and solidified what I learned in the classroom. It has confirmed that PR is the career for me. After this internship, I feel prepared for and confident about my future in public relations.