Social Tidbits

As the worlds of content marketing/public relations/social media evolve and merge, I’ve found the following pieces of information on Twitter, in conferences, or in general office chatter to be worth some further examination.

Do the important, not just the urgent- If you have ever read the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” then you’re probably familiar with the Urgent/Important Matrix (pictured below). I find this especially important in content marketing because the urgent information will keep your content relevant, but important information makes you memorable. Brands need a solid balance of both and they need to know what is important to their audiences.

We are story telling in surround sound. Cut through the noise with consistent, regular, and customized content.* There is a lot packed into this little sentence, but worth noting here is the necessity of being reliable and consistent with your content. Create a content calendar and posting schedule that your brand can reasonably achieve and spend time thinking through your resources and action plan.

Content Agility (phrase from Jennifer Dowd at @FollowMFS). I just really liked this phrase. Content needs to be agile and adaptable to various types of outlets. Brands need to be agile in creating content given the fast pace of information sharing in today’s digital world.

Not all content is appropriate for every outlet – so true! Tone of voice and type of content varies for each social outlet, so it’s important to listen and learn how your audiences interact on each outlet and then communicate accordingly.

As a side note to this, I was intrigued that @kovalskyc said she would never post a press release to a social outlet. I would also never advise a client to cut and paste a press release into a Facebook post, however, a press release (especially a social one) is a great format for organizing news, telling a story, and creating snippets of appropriate content for many social outlets.

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*Corinne Kovalsky, director of digital & social media at Raytheon