Kelsey Goldsmith, reporting for duty


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kelsey Goldsmith. I am the new Media Relations Manager here at Broadreach, which means that I spend my days working with clients to tell their stories more successfully and to a more purposeful audience. 

Broadreach represents some of New England’s coolest firms – from Community National Bank over in Vermont, to Bernstein Shur here in Maine.  In fact, there are 17 businesses that currently call themselves clients – and each is amazing in its own right.  Yes, we represent a number of financial, insurance, law, and professional services firms – but we also count the Maine Center for Creativity, a fashion designer, and the company that did all of Gillette Stadium’s wastewater mitigation work as part of the repertoire.  I have been at Broadreach for about three weeks now; it’s fair to say that my days are not dull!

As I was chatting with an editor from the New York Times today (yes, seriously!), the view from my desk was a bit distracting. (If the harbormaster here in Portland ever needs a break, you can rest assured that I have my thumb on the pulse of Casco Bay’s comings and goings.)  Broadreach is a dog-friendly workplace, so I also spend a fair amount of time playing with our office pups, Maddy, Gracie, and Zoe (aka: “Chief Morale Officers”). 

Pair that with the luscious berries for sale at the Rosemont Produce Company next door, some seriously super smarty-pants coworkers, and, a gorgeous loft-style office space and, well, I am happy!

I could not be more pleased to join the ranks of such a well-reputed company.  I look forward to bringing my skills to bear for the betterment of current and future clients. 

See you soon,


PS: I come to Broadreach from the office of U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe.  The Senator is working with Google on a great, free seminar for Maine’s small businesses interested in establishing an online presence.  If you own a small business and want to increase your visibility, check out all of the details at:  Then, call us here at Broadreach for all of your public relations needs!