From NOW to Great!

“How does it feel to want?”…a question I recall being asked as a young girl growing up in a household with a single mom. It was truly a reflection of the times when money and our culture held much in constraint, when information did not flow as easily.

Today, what you want, you can get. At least that’s what the new trend of “Nowism” outlines.

The term was described in a recent Trendwatching briefing: where debate is already taking place — “Expect NOWISM for many to become synonymous with (and blamed for) shallowness, short attention spans, exploding credit card debts, excessive focus on instantly satisfying urges, an unwillingness to face (and build) a better and sustainable future, indifference to the past (and all its lessons).”

Hasn’t all of that already occurred? Quick, disposable, throwaway items, as well as information and experiences, are now available to those who desire; and if you want, in 140 characters or less. However, what about long-lasting desires: a house on the water or in the mountains, travel to far away places, a successful business, intimate relationships, and a loving family. Are they within the reach of NOW?

In this current mega-trend of Nowism, I believe relationships still hold the key — two-way, honest and authentic experiences with people, places and brands. The focus on getting things now, gets in the way of achieving great things later. Contrary to popular belief, there is still no magic wand, no silver bullet, no wiggling of the nose to get what you want NOW.

After spending 10 days disconnected from all technology, enjoying the company of my loving new husband, the new friends we’d met and the new sensory experiences we encountered, I say living in the present focused on goals is far richer than banging my keyboard and living vicariously through others; demanding that I get what I want now.

Does that mean the Dell and Blackberry are destined for the recycle bin? Does that mean we turn off Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn? No…simply they are part of the larger means of communicating, staying in touch with those we care about, and working toward those long-term goals that we’ve established for ourselves, our families, our businesses and our future.

While “Nowism” may be the hot new trend, for those seeking richer experiences I suggest that “Presentism” is the means to greater satisfaction in the long-term.

Trendwatching is a good resource to stay in touch with current trends. It is one of the world’s leading trend firms, scans the globe for emerging consumer trends. They provide free monthly trend briefings available to subscribers as well as research that can purchased.

– Posted by Linda Varrell