Case Study: Beacon at Gateway

Project Description

Brand Development, launch, and visibility for Beacon at Gateway luxury apartments


Brand Development and Visibility


  • Develop a brand that would integrate a luxury apartment complex into the Southern Maine community while capturing the value promise
  • Create brand messaging and assets that convincingly introduced the concept to an unfamiliar market
  • Position and market the community among priority audiences as the optimal housing choice in the region


  • Conducted extensive research into community connections to incorporate into the brand’s name
  • Developed brand messaging to further position Beacon at Gateway as an optimal living community
  • Implemented an earned media strategy that leveraged the ground-breaking ceremony
  • Crafted a digital ad campaign for the 25-34 year-old target demographic in addition to the earned media strategy. Later retargeted the audience in response to interest among older adults.


  • 100% leasing of available apartments
  • Established a brand name connected to the history of the community, a symboliclogo, andcompelling messaging
  • Effectively introduced the client’s luxury apartment community concept to a regional audience via a ground-breaking ceremony which garnered 7 stories in target media outlets with a combined reach of 653,000
  • Implemented a digital ad campaign that generated over 10,000 website sessions and 180 contact forms over 3 months
  • Client is now planning additional communities in Maine due to the success of this first project.