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Weekend breast cancer screening at Mercy aims to save women's lives


PORTLAND, Maine (October 26, 2013) – This time of year, Saturdays are spent with family and friends at pumpkin farms and harvest parties. At Mercy Hospital, Saturdays are spent saving women’s lives.
Patient Advocates, a health plan and employee benefits company will have special mammography screenings Saturday, Oct. 26 at Mercy Hospital as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Awareness is particularly important now because several new studies have shown the percentage of women receiving mammograms has declined in recent years.
In the past, the life-saving screenings have been available only during most women’s busy work weeks, but Mercy and Patient Advocates recently teamed up to offer a more flexible schedule.
Breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects one in eight women. Statistics show a simple mammogram is a woman’s best chance at catching and combating the disease.
“We are an advocate of early detection and feel access to testing supports our efforts to make a difference,” said James Ward, President of Patient Advocates.
The special Saturday screenings are becoming more widely available in Maine. Recently, St. Mary’s in Lewiston joined Patient Advocates to help Maine women get this early detection screening.
“We know early detection saves lives, but we also know not all women can visit us during regular office hours,” said Susan Rouillard, the spokesperson at Mercy Health System of Maine. “We’re so happy to pair up with Patient Advocates and offer Saturday screenings for women who may not have had access to screenings before.”
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