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New Jersey Field Certification For Hydro's Up-Flo Filter



A YEAR of rigorous stormwater field testing of the Hydro Up-Flo Filter has resulted in Final Field Certification from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), after demonstrating pollutant removal that met or exceeded the requirements of the Technology Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership (TARP) field testing protocol.
The conditions of the Final Field Certification allow the Up-Flo Filter with CPZ Mix filter media to be used to treat up to 0.056 cfs (25 gpm) per Filter Module with a maximum inflow area of 0.66 acres per Filter Module. The Final Field Certification supercedes and improves upon the Interim Certification first issued by the NJDEP in December 2009, which approved the Up-Flo Filter to treat up to 0.045 cfs (20 gpm) per Filter Module with a maximum inflow area of 0.3 acres per Filter Module.
The field testing was conducted on an Up-Flo Filter installation along the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, an area known for its intense rainfalls and clayey soils. Sampling and analysis was conducted independently by the University of Alabama’s Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) department.
Over the course of the monitoring period, the Up-Flo Filter was subjected to a number of high-intensity storms and a very high pollutant loading. In the first 9 months of testing, approximately 6.6 years’ worth of particulate pollution. Overall, the Up-Flo Filter demonstrated 89% removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), 98% removal of all Suspended Sediment and 81% removal of Suspended Sediment with a mean particle size of 29 microns. Lisa Lemont, Business Development Manager for Hydro US Stormwater explains:
“This was an amazing result that demonstrates the extremely robust service life of the filter. The Up-Flo Filter is already popular with designer engineers in New Jersey because it offers good value, removing a high percentage TSS from stormwater runoff for a competitive price. With this increase in approved treatment flow rate, engineers, contractors and developers will see significant savings both in space and construction costs.”
The Up-Flo Filter is available in a standard 4-ft manhole configuration, in a range of precast concrete vault sizes. Hydro has a free downloadable Up-Flo Filter Sizing Calculator to help engineers with sizing the correct filter for each application and dedicated technical team to offer additional support.
Visit to download a free copy of the Up-Flo Filter Sizing Calculator or for more information about the Up-Flo Filter.
About Hydro International
Hydro International provides cost‑effective solutions for controlling the quantity and improving the quality of water with minimal maintenance. Developed over more than 30 years of research and development, many of Hydro’s award-winning solutions in the water, wastewater and stormwater sectors are based on sustainable vortex technologies. Hydro Americas’ Stormwater division is headquartered in Portland, Maine, USA.