The most valuable of all talents is that

of never using two words when one will do.

-Thomas Jefferson

Crisis Communications
When it hits the fan, who has your back?

Meet Linda Varrell: A former bank security officer, Broadreach's founder and president has seen it all. We provide the leadership and counsel to cut through the drama and clean things up – methodically, strategically and confidentially.

Meet Jason Sulham: Jason is a veteran political and public affairs consultant who has managed crisis situations for public personalities and organizations when media scrutiny is unrelenting and the stakes are highest.

Broadreach’s proprietary crisis response model allows you to be an active participant to BRACE© yourself and your company for when incidents occur:
  • Be the first to tell your story
  • Research your facts
  • Assess your audiences 360°
  • Communicate courageous messages
  • Evaluate and monitor the marketplace