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Know your audience and improve your message.

Maximize Your Speed, Gain Momentum...

... in Maine, New England, across the country and beyond.
Broadreach Public Relations digs into your business, marketing and sales plans to develop and execute sound communication strategies. It’s about seeing what is really happening, anticipating what’s likely to come and being proactive.
Broadreach is not your typical agency. We’ve been there, in your shoes, working with prospects, clients and customers, just like you do. And we also have the expertise to understand your business — whether it’s financial services, health care, professional services, technology, consumer, green products, retail, hospitality, nonprofit services or corporate communications.
What is a Broadreach?
In sailing terms, most vessels attain their maximum hull speeds when sailing on a broad reach. We listen, research, plan and creatively execute your strategy. Our networks are solid, and we get results, all with a smile and great follow-through. Our clients count on us to help them attain their maximum visibility and raise their profile.
With us, it’s smooth sailing.



Our Approach


The discovery process is an opportunity to engage and learn about your organization, understand your needs and expectations, and to invest the necessary research to determine and analyze your current positioning and reputation in the marketplace.  This spadework will inform the messaging and strategy for our ongoing work together. In this phase, we will also identify mutually-agreed upon goals and objectives with appropriate timelines, measurement, and reporting.


Once we’ve identified key assets, storylines, and building blocks for messaging. We’ll work on defining both a short- and long-term strategy to meet your goals and objectives. Through this process, we’ll walk through your audience map for general outreach and for targeted pitching, identifying key messages for each that will resonate and in turn entice to engage. With a focus on various media, we’ll identify the appropriate channel and action we’ll take.


In the execution phase, we get start to implement your strategies with an understanding that they may run concurrently to achieve stated objectives in the desired timeframes. Multiple channels are used and monitored closely to ensure we are achieving results that can be measured against objectives.


Measurement is one of the most important aspects of our work. We assess “Did we do what we set out to do?” We look at a number of parameters that encompass media coverage, interaction, and engagement. It’s more than clips, likes, and shares. It’s about business-relevant metrics, and we engage third-party vendors that provide comprehensive reporting capabilities so we can define and track what success looks like for our relationship.