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University of Maine serving 100% of whitefish from nearby waters



University of Maine at Farmington employee Jane Metsker and friend Richard Dubs said they enjoyed the Maine-caught hake served in the South Dining Hall on Tuesday. The college is making an effort to support Maine producers of food. Morning Sentinel photo by David Leaming


The University of Maine, a system with seven campuses serving almost 35,000 students in the US state, has turned to sourcing 100% of its white fish from the Gulf of Maine, a body of water that spans from the southern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada, to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel reports.
The accomplishment relates to a number of factors, according to the article. The university, in 2016, entered into a five-year contract with food service provider Sodexo in which it pledged to commit to sourcing at least 20% of its food from local sources, defined as being within a 175-mile radius of any of the campuses.
Then, through Sodexo, the university enrolled in a program called The Maine Course, which includes a goal to get all 13 of the different university campuses in the state where Sodexo operates to source 100% of its whitefish from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Responsibly Harvested program, which focuses on fishing regulations, fisheries management and science.
Students are now served everything from sautéed hake to fried pollock and shark bite, according to the article.
“If you’d have told me when we started I’d be selling 40 pounds of hake per week to a student population, I would say that’s crazy,” Doug Winslow, executive chef at the University of Maine at Farmington, is quoted as saying.