Colors fade, temples crumble,

empires fall, but wise words endure.

-Edward Thorndike

The Broadreach team is available to speak to your company or association.
Many of our clients have deep expertise in a number of areas. We often assist those firms and executives in securing and preparing for speaking opportunities; as such, we welcome your inquiries in that regard.
Contact us for more information or to request a speaker.
Broadreach president & founder Linda Varrell is tapped to speak on a range of topics:
Inbound marketing: Your brand existing on the internet is one thing – your brand dominating Google searches is another. Today customers use their dusty Yellow Pages to prop up their stand-up desks for their Macbooks. Linda Varrell teaches businesses how to bump their names to the top of searches and how to keep customer attention once they click. The focus of these lectures is around content and how to write or create impactful media that is in line with your brand and attracts customers or enhances your reputation.
Crisis: Your business’ Facebook account got hacked. Your bank’s clients information is at risk. Your company is accused of discrimination and is getting terrible news coverage. Linda has a crisis plan for every situation that’s easy to implement in the worst of times. When your reputation is on the line, your profits are, too. Just like you have fire insurance, count this tailored talk as your PR-disaster coverage.
LinkedIn: With thousands of clients, prospects and collaborators a click away, LinkedIn is a must for business leaders. Linda’s lectures on LinkedIn will teach you how to show off your expertise, connect with decision-makers and engage specific groups of people – while avoiding social media pitfalls. This talk has been popular with real estate professionals.
Trends in online marketing: This talk focuses on best practices of online marketing and where your money will stretch the furthest. As the online landscape shifts, some media are more influential than others. This lecture is a must for any businesses with a media budget and a couple ounces of bravery. This talk was well received by banking groups along with other industry-specific groups.
Social media for lawyers (or you): You don’t have to be a lawyer to get the most out of this lecture. Linda will research your sector and deliver a targeted social media toolbox for your industry. Attorney groups have learned why social media is unavoidable as a business tool and how to get through the clutter (and cat videos) to reach their target audiences. One of the big rules of business is to meet people where they are. This lecture gets to the crux of that. Aside from law firms, this talk has been popular at conferences for female executives.
Life’s mission: Last May, Linda was asked to give a talk to at-risk youth to help them identify and work toward accomplishing their lives’ missions. This is a cause close to Linda’s heart.