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Maine craft brewers to tap European market



... The Maine Beer Box, an exchange between craft brewers in Portland and Reykjavik, is a 40-foot Eimskip shipping container being refabricated by engineers Zajac LLC of Saco with taps directly in the side of the container, where they can be poured directly into glasses for thirsty drinkers at beer festivals on both sides of the Atlantic this summer.

"It's going to put Maine craft beer on the map for beer lovers internationally and position Maine as the entrance for Mainers shipping to Europe and Europeans shipping to Maine," Sean Sullivan, executive director of the Maine Brewers' Guild, told Mainebiz before a joint press conference with project partner Eimskip Thursday at the International Marine Terminal in Portland. "It will make Maine craft beer a model for other Maine businesses."

Maine craft beer had a statewide economic impact of $228 million in 2016 and employed 2,177, including multiplier effects from related businesses, a recent study on the industry by the University of Maine School of Economics and the Maine Brewers' Guild found.  ...see original coverage...