Colors fade, templates crumble,

empires fall, but wise words endure.

Endowment endurance in higher ed

In a “very low return” environment for endowments, higher ed leaders make tough decisions about spending and where to invest



ESG investment decisions tend to be driven by the institution, rather than financial advisors.

Unity College in Maine follows an ESG strategy without suffering financially. In 2012, it became the first academic institution to divest from fossil fuel-related investments. Melik Peter Khoury, Unity’s president and former chief financial officer, says it has been a sound ethical and financial decision.

“We are meeting our investment policy and expectations and are able to beat the market a bit, so our trustees are happy with the decision,” Khoury says. The return on the school’s $14.3 million endowment in FY2015 was 5.5 percent. ...see original coverage...