Colors fade, templates crumble,

empires fall, but wise words endure.

New owner builds on Chilton Furniture’s past

Jennifer Levin plans to infuse the business with her personality while preserving its history.



Jennifer Levin said she didn’t want to go back to practicing law after taking a break a decade ago to raise her three children. After considering other options for returning to work, she and her husband, Jared Levin, who live in suburban New York, heard that Maine-based Chilton Furniture was for sale. Levin has ties to Maine. She spends summers at Ocean Park with her family and graduated from Bates College. Chilton dates back to post-Civil War Maine – the company claims links to Mayflower passengers – and began as a paint company before shifting to furniture-making in the 1970s. It has showrooms in Scarborough and Freeport and employs 15. ...see original coverage...