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New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Certifies the Downstream Defender® for Stormwater Treatment in Online Applications


Maine (June 13, 2012)-  Upon successful completion of expanded performance testing, the Downstream Defender® by Hydro International has been certified for the use of TSS treatment in online applications by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control, one of the most respected stormwater authorities  in the United States.
In an online configuration, the Downstream Defender® treats all runoff flowing through the drainage line, which eliminates the need for additional bypass or junction manholes required in offline configurations. This reduces the construction costs and design work associated with offline-only certified products. The Downstream Defender® is one of only four manufactured treatment devices (MTD) approved for online application by the New Jersey DEP. 
“The New Jersey DEP has the most rigorous requirements for substantiating a manufacturer’s performance claims. This expanded certification confirms the functionality of the Downstream Defender®’s flow modifying internal components, and the online usage ensures our customers the most cost effective solution possible,” said Dave Scott, Stormwater Product Specialist at Hydro International.
Achieving the online certification for stormwater management requires manufacturers to prove that the device does not wash out captured sediments under peak storm conditions. The Downstream Defender® has undergone extensive performance tests to meet these criteria and therefore may be used on main drainage lines.
The compact, cost-effective Downstream Defender® has been installed on hundreds of developments across New Jersey, including recent large-scale New Jersey Turnpike Authority projects.
The Stormwater Management Rules of the New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C. 7:8) allow the use of MTDs for compliance with the design and performance standards provided that the pollutant removal rates have been verified by New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) and certified by the NJDEP. The Downstream Defender® has received certification for 50% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal rate.