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Patient Advocates Enters into Strategic Partnership with Ultra Benefits & Fallon Community Health Plan


GRAY, Maine (August 20, 2012) – Today, Justin Ward, Director of Client Services at Patient Advocates (PA), announced a strategic partnership between PA and two Massachusetts-based companies: Ultra Benefits and Fallon Community Health Plan (Ultra/Fallon).  This partnership is unique to the industry in that patients navigating the health system who are clients of PA or Ultra/Fallon will have access to more personal preferred service with significantly lower healthcare costs.

PA is a Maine-based healthcare management company that has established a niche in the marketplace.  PA manages medical plans for employers, and offers its community of nurses and other professionals to employers and patients for assistance in navigating the healthcare system. 

Per the partnership announced today, Ultra/Fallon will utilize the patient advocacy services of PA for their clients, initially for those in Maine, and then expanding to clients in other northeastern states.  According to Ward, “nurse advocates employed by PA will assure that our clients get the right treatment at the right time by the best physicians.”  PA will also help review the billing of those services, thereby eliminating erroneous charges, and resulting in great savings for the clients of Ultra/Fallon. 

PA has built long-term relationships with the finest healthcare facilities in the country. This network enables PA to remove barriers to the highest levels of appropriate healthcare and refer patients with serious conditions to the top specialists in their respective fields.  PA’s partnership with Ultra/Fallon will expand PA’s already robust network of providers, and will offer its clients a “Patient Advocates Gold Card,” which affords them discounts for services at many of the country’s top hospitals, with an average savings of 50%. 

“We are pleased provide expedient access to world class healthcare at a major savings,” said Ward.  “For example, we manage the medical plan for a local company.  Recently, one of their employees needed services that would have cost the employer $52,000 in Maine.  With this new relationship, we were able to arrange for their care at Mass General, the number one hospital in the country, and discount the claim to $22,000 for a savings of $30,000. That will pay for the employee’s salary for a year.”